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Rock in Sand

Maureen Kenny is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who graduated with a Masters from Boston University. She began her career working with incarcerated adolescent males in an alternative program though the Department of Youth Services. She served for thirty years as the department head for youth and family services for the Town of Norwood. In that capacity, she provided casework, counseling, youth outreach, family advocacy and an integrated alliance with all segments of the town population including police and fire departments, programs and clinical work in conjunction with the staff in the school system and regular involvement and referrals from the Dedham District Court. She created and ran a Teen Center for the town and did regular outreach with adolescents. She strives for a "user friendly" approach in counseling believing that it is important to have a partnership with the adolescents and adults with whom she works and help them to understand the origin of their problems and play an integral role in their recovery. The modalities she utilizes are Psychodynamic and Solution Focused but she believes in utilizing any resources that help a person contend with and understand their personal issues. She has worked extensively with issues of parenting, children and adults with disabilities, problems with mood disorders such as Major Depression and Bipolar Disorder, life transitioning issues, sexual and domestic abuse, LGBT issues and trauma.

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